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This concert was held on 28th February 2010, at Cultural Activity Centre (CAC) IIUM. The concert was organized by several clubs under Cultural and Arts Unit, IIUM like IIUM Angklung Club, IIUM Andeka Caklempong, IIUM Production Club and so on. In addition, this concert was done by 200 of crews and performers.

With the theme of 'Love Is...', the concert was very succesful with the special appearance from the veteran singer, Ramli Sarip, one of Devotees member, Adi Akmal and musicians from Istana Budaya. The theme for story for that night was love for a father, friendship, love to Rasulullah and love to Allah S.W.T.

Lead by Mr. Ku Zahir Ku Ahmad as a music conductor, some songs that played at that night was 'Dia Maha Sempurna', the song from Ungu, 'Ya Rasulullah', song from Datuk Siti Nurhaliza and 'Ingat 5'. 'Titip Rindu Buat Ayah' sang by Adi Akmal at that night was very touching till came tears to the audience.

The VIPs and audience that came at that night was the IIUM President, Datuk Seri Mohd Sidek Hassan and his wife, IIUM Rector, Prof. Datuk Dr. Syed Arabi Idid and his wife, IIUM community, several schools and villagers near IIUM.

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